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"Small Breed Training" manual

Owners of Small Dogs! 
Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, Maltese, ShihTzu, Yorkie, American Eskimo, Boston Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, English Toy Spaniel, Havanese, Italian Greyhound, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Min Pin, Papillon, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, Toy Fox Terrier, Westy, Yorkshire Terrier, and all small Designer Dogs

Small Breed Training

How to Train the Hard-To-Train Small Dog
recommended by
Dog Registry of America, Inc™


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How to handle special training problems of the little dog breed.
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specifically for the small dog owner.

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Order; "Small Breed Training" Manual, The Unique Problems of the Small Dog
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Mail order to: Metro Works
P O Box 1058, Plainview, NY 11803

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Do You Know?
From Birth to 16 weeks is considered the "most important learning window" during which a new owner has an opportunity to positively affect the future behavior of their dog. We imprint on the puppy from the time of their birth until about 6 months old. Learn the secrets of positive imprinting by reading this manual.

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I thought I would not be able to keep my Japanese Chin. No matter what I did she would not do what I wanted her to do. Until my girlfriend gave me this book as a gift. I love my girlfriend and my dog.

Jeff H


I didn't know my Yorky was peeing all over my carpet. People asked me if he was trained and I said yes because I never saw any traces around. That is, until the day I had my carpet picked up because I was having new carpeting installed. As the old carpet was being rolled up to cart away I was mortified when I saw all the urine stains on the back of the carpet. Now I had to untrain the bad behavior. Someone recomended this book. I followed the instructions and now I can say with authority my dog is trained. You're probably thinking that she's not, that when I lift the new carpet I will find the stains..but you're wrong. I decided to have my floors sanded and stained instead of putting new carpeting down, (just in case) and so you see, I now know for sure. Thanks for this book, it's been a blessing.

Robin A

I couldn't stand the thought of crate training my little ShihTuz, Tiffany. That is, until I read about crate training in your small breed training book. It made sense, I trusted what you said and I enjoying the fruits of my labor. Today Tiffany loves her crate, which has become her home and haven.

Cynthia C

Me and my Shihtzu say thank you for your book.

Alan B


Your manual on small dog behavior has helped a lot.

Barbara L


My Boston Terrier is my buddy. I love her and enjoy cuddling on the couch with her. Mango is sweet and calm when we are alone together. But as soon as someone else enters the room she gets hyper. Keeps jumping on them and won't listen to me. I heeded the suggestions in this book and I am no longer embarased and apoligizing for my dogs bad behavior.

Michelle F


Having trouble house-breaking your dog?



dog spiteful?

Are you at the end of your rope?
Do you sometimes have thoughts of getting rid of your dog?
Is your adorable little dog driving your crazy?
Small Breeds Can be Especially Resistant to House Breaking



More Testimonials

So I brought home the cutest little pug puppy I ever saw. A few hours after I got him home he already urinated and deficated right in the middle of the room. I yelled "no" and stuck his face in it as I remember my father doing when I was little and we had a dog. The dog must have thought I was kidding for no longer than 10 minutes later there was a repeat performance. I panicked, I didn't know what to do. For some reason I must have thought dogs arrive already trained. Then I remembered a little flyer I got in the mail when I registered my dog. I was able to find it, called and order the Small Breed Training Manual. When it arrived I read it cover to cover. I was amazed that no where does it say to stick the dogs face in the mess. It did give me many other hints so that now I have become the authority and am enjoying my "Charleston"

Paul F


When I ordered your small breed book I was sure it would just be another one of those many training books I wasted money on. I was pleasantly surprised because by following the instructions I was able to have a well-trained dog. It was certainly money well spent.

Mike L


Mine is a long story which I'll try to shorten. Because I've had dogs before I considered myself an authority. When I got an advertisement about this book I put it aside because I knew it was nothing I needed. I had labs and retrievers and had no trouble training them. What I didn't know is that training a small Yorkshire Terrier is a lot different than training a lab. After spending several months trying to housebreak this cute little Yorky I realized that it was not going to happen and I couldn't put up with the behavior any longer. I asked my brother if he wanted a very cute dog but one that was impossible to housebreak. He suggested I try this book. Since at this point I figured, why not, I searched for that advertisement and fortunately I found it and got your book. It took some re-reading because I was so used to doing it my way, the wrong way. I had to readjust my thinking. But by then I was determined. I stuck with it and today I am enjoying this little "Princess".

Carol S


Does your dog "pee" (and worse) where-ever he wants?

in spots where you don't want him/her to?
Have you tried all ways to housebreak your dog and find nothing works?

then ... This Manual Is For You...


Help Is Here

Page 1

Basic Psychology of Dogs

Page 2

What makes your dog the way he/she is

So What

Page 8

The Right Choice

Page 10

At What Age Should Training Begin?

Page 14

Limit Puppies Area

Page 16

Crate Training

Page 18

Pros and Cons and how to do it

An Alternative

Page 27

What If Crate Training is not working

The Crate is my Dogs Bathroom

Page 29

Different Aproaches

Nothing Works...Now what should I do?

Page 31

Litter-box Training..You never have to walk your dog

Page 33

Accidents..How to clean up after your dog

Page3 35

The #1 Most Important Command of All

Page 37

Other Behavior Issues ...Jumping and Biting

Page 40



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